Asian Wedding Portfolio

asian-wed-pageWelcome to Gordon Singer Images. I am always amazed by the different cultural celebrations that happen during Asian weddings. i have covered all faiths and multi-faith weddings. Although not pretending to be an expert i have now covered a large number of Asian weddings and have seen and photographed most of the traditions, although i am sure there are still some out there to try and catch me out. I always go through your wedding arrangements with the greatest of care and never assume there is a set way. I cover all over the Uk from London and the home counties of Hertfordshire, Surrey and Sussex, Oxford, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Bristol and beyond. I have an up-to-date passport if you wish to take me to more exotic locations. There are two portfolios to view. The first is a Asian Portfolio Collection of images covering the whole day and the second is Asian Expanded Portfolio Sections. This is different aspects of the day broken down into more expanded units such as preparations, ceremony, details etc. please follow the links below.

Asian Portfolio Collection:…lio-collection/

Asian Portfolio Collection Expanded: